Advancements in Non-Surgical Penile Girth Enhancement: Dr. Paul Perito and UroFill™ Granted European Patent


In a groundbreaking development, world-renowned urologist Dr. Paul Perito (Miami, FL) and the UroFill™ penile girth enhancement technique have recently been awarded a patent by the European Patents Office for their innovative approach to non-surgical penile girth enhancement. This recognition underscores the significant strides being made in the field of men’s health, offering a promising alternative … Read more

All About UroFill™ #31: Can Uncircumcised Men Undergo Girth Enhancement?


In this UroFill™ short, Dr. Paul Perito explains the difference between the girth enhancement procedures for circumcised vs. uncircumcised patients. While it’s possible to administer hyaluronic acid to uncircumcised patients, it does present more difficulty and requires a skilled and fully-trained expert. This one again highlights why it’s important to only see medical professionals for … Read more

Is Your Med Spa Truly Medical?

As the medical spa treatment industry continues to grow, so too do the complications associated with treatments performed by non-medical professionals.  As highlighted in a recent article in NBC news and recent FDA warnings, the health risks associated with having procedures, especially injections, performed at “med spas” are staggering, including infections, health complications, and even death.  The cases provided in the … Read more

Dr. Perito Featured As One of Miami’s “Most Influential Men”


Dr. Perito and his partnership with urologic perfume EXVIN was featured in Imagen Miami magazine’s list of the most influential men in Miami.  The article, linked below, features Dr. Perito’s world-class penile implant surgical practice, his development of the patented UroFill™ penile girth enhancement technique, and his new partnership with EXVIN, a perfume for the male genital area. … Read more

Drs. Perito and Suarez-Sarmiento Discuss the UroFill™ Technique at SMSNA 2023


Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) 2023 San Diego, CA: Safety and Efficacy of Hyaluronic Acid Using the Urofill™ Technique For Penile Girth Enhancement  Dr. Alfredo Suarez-Sarmiento started the SMSNA 2023 meeting Friday Podium Sessions with a retrospective analysis regarding the pioneering use of hyaluronic acid (HA) to achieve penile girth enhancement. Safety and efficacy data … Read more

What Makes UroFill™ Unique?

UroFill imitators

In this video, UroFill™ founder and developer Dr. Paul Perito explains what sets his technique apart from other girth enhancement methods. UroFill™ is the only reproducible technique for penile girth enhancement, and the only available technique that allows customers to tailor the appearance and girth of their penises to their specifications. But don’t take our … Read more

Beware of Penile Girth Enhancement Imitators!

UroFill imitators

In the midst of UroFill’s™ worldwide success, we’ve started to see a variety of imitation brands, often with the word “fill” in their name, try to promise the same results for low prices.  What’s the difference? Quality, expert care, safety and results to name a few. UroFill™ may be imitated, but it’s never duplicated. Contact … Read more

All About UroFill™ 19: What’s the Difference Between HA Fillers?

In this short, UroFill™ inventor Dr. Paul Perito answers viewer questions about different types of fillers (HA and otherwise) and the possibility of side effects or rejection. In the development of the UroFill™ technique, Dr. Perito examined several options for fillers and consistently found that HA (hyaluronic acid) was the only safe and effective option. … Read more

All About UroFill™ #18: Do I Need to Travel for Treatment?

One question we receive frequently about the UroFill™ treatment is whether or not the procedure can be performed over the course of a single session. The answer depends on the patient, the desired girth, and the nearest provider. We at the Perito Clinic have found that most patients prefer 20 units of hyaluronic acid filler, … Read more