Discover the Benefits of Scrotox at Perito Clinic

Scrotox, or scrotal botox, is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment where injections of the muscle-relaxing botulinum toxin type A are used to make the scrotum look and feel better.

Benefits include: a fuller appearance, enhanced penile projection, reduced scrotal wrinkles, enhanced sensitivity, and larger appearing testicles.


The Perito Clinic men’s med spa in Miami / Coral Gables is a pioneer in male enhancement treatments designed to enhance male stamina, confidence, and overall well-being.
One of our latest offerings, “Scrotox,” is gaining popularity for its benefits as a male enhancement and as a contributor to increased sexual pleasure.

What is Scrotox?

Scrotox is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that relaxes the muscle in the scrotal skin for aesthetic and functional improvements.

Scrotox was originally used to treat medical issues such as scrotal inflammation, but its benefits for cosmetic male enhancement and sexual pleasure have made it a sought-after treatment among men looking to improve their confidence and quality of life.

What are the Benefits of the Scrotox Procedure?

Scrotox offers several benefits:

  1. Larger and Lower-Hanging Appearance: The relaxation of the dartos muscle makes the scrotum appear larger and hang lower, providing a more aesthetically pleasing look.


  2. Smoother Skin: Botox injections smooth out the scrotal skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and irregularities.


  3. Reduced Sweating: By decreasing sweat production in the groin area, Scrotox helps maintain dryness and comfort, particularly beneficial for those who experience excessive sweating.
  4. Enhanced Sexual Activity: Many men experience heightened sexual pleasure and improved performance after Scrotox, as the relaxation of the scrotal skin can enhance sensitivity and comfort during intimate moments.

The Scrotox Procedure

The Scrotox treatment performed at the Perito Clinic is straightforward and minimally invasive, ensuring a comfortable experience for our patients:

  1. Preparation: The treatment area is cleansed, and a topical anesthetic is applied to ensure minimal discomfort.

  2. Injection: Using tiny needles, Botox is injected into the scrotal skin at precise locations.

  3. Duration: The entire procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.

  4. Recovery: After the treatment, you can immediately return to your normal activities, including work. Some tenderness at the injection sites may be experienced for a few hours, but this is generally mild and temporary.

What to Expect Post-Procedure

While you can resume your daily routine right away, it may take up to a week for the Botox to fully activate and for you to notice the complete benefits of Scrotox. 

The results of the treatment can last up to four months, offering a long-lasting improvement in both appearance and comfort.

At Perito Clinic and med spa in Miami, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge treatments that enhance the lives of our patients performed by well-trained medical staff in a luxury med spa setting. Scrotox is just one of the many ways we help men achieve their desired aesthetic and functional goals. Other highly sought after and successful procedures include men’s girth enlargement and testosterone pellets

If you are interested in learning more about Scrotox or any of our other innovative treatments, contact Perito Clinic today at (833) 876-3455 for a complimentary, confidential consultation with one of our highly trained, licensed and certified urologists

 Our team is here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring you receive the highest quality care…and impressive results!

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