Deluxe Concierge Care

Expert medical spa procedures with best-in-class amenities.


The Perito Clinic combines expert and quality cosmetic and medical care with world-class concierge amenities. Located in beautiful Coral Gables, Florida, visitors from both in- and out-of-town can expect white glove treatment as part of their treatment packages.

Between car transportation, access to upscale lodging, and access to Dr. Paul Perito and his medical team, we at the Perito Clinic aspire to make patients as comfortable and even pampered as possible.

Professional nursing care is also available for patients who desire more attention outside of what’s provided by Dr. Perito and his staff.

Inquire about our concierge care today as part of your medical spa package.

Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities! Call us at (833) 876-3455 for assistance or to learn more!

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