PRP Penile Sensation Restoration

Loss of penile sensation is a common occurrence as men age and can result from minor compression of the blood vessels and nerves in the area due to injury or trauma, stress, anxiety, and a host of other factors. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments, when therapeutically applied, can restore sensation and increase sexual responsiveness.


Rejuvenating Penile Sensation with Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma has shown exciting promise in the world of urology. PRP growth factors play a critical role in mediating cell-to-cell communication and in regulating downstream angiogenesis, which can help the repair and restoration of blood vessels causing better erections and increased sensation to the penis in many men. PRP and growth factors were first applied to the penis in an effort to increase penile size. While we didn’t see much to indicate that this method was successful causing new growth in a way that increased size, through biothesiometry, we were able to measure increased nerve responsiveness and skin sensitivity. If you suffer a measure of erectile dysfunction, PRP therapy for vascular regeneration and increased penile sensation may be a treatment to consider.

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