Penile girth Enhancement in Miami with Urofill™

UroFill™ is the patented medical technique offering men dramatic increases in penis girth enlargement. The procedure, originated by Miami urologist Dr. Perito, has outperformed many attempts by other medical professionals to achieve consistently natural increases in penis circumference and is the only researched technique providing this level of safety and efficacy. One will find many imitators but only UroFill™ has a ten-year documented presence and success in the performance of penile girth enhancement. “Every advertisement you see for girth enlargement is not a board-certified urologist with over ten years in the specialty of penile girth enhancement,” exclaims Dr. Perito.

“If you do not see the word UroFill® in their ads I can’t vouch for any of them!” – Dr. Paul Perito, Renowned urologic surgeon

A treatment plan is developed during the initial visit based on the patients desired girth and subsequent treatments are scheduled and administered 2 weeks apart during that treatment plan.*

*UroFill™ is only for patients aged 21 and over.
**Contact us for patient before and after images

a bigger penis without surgery

The scientific method developed by Dr. Paul Perito offers aesthetic and lasting results due to proper placement of the filler, proper staging and proper use of modeling. Most patients benefit from receiving a series of injections over the course of 2 or more separate visits to achieve optimal aesthetic results.

The UroFill™ technique has been reported to last six years and often longer.


UroFill™ is safe, effective, and requires no surgical cutting, implants, or downtime. Patients will need to abstain from all forms of sexual activity for 72 hours following the procedure. This includes sexual activity with a partner and masturbation.

No Limitations
There have been numerous attempts by doctors and surgeons over the years to copy the UroFill™ technique and attempts to get similar results with other substances. These attempts have proven inconsistent at best. None of these experimental techniques have the proven and documented track record nor are they backed by a medical patent like UroFill™. Some of these experimental procedures use non-FDA approved products such as silicone, microscopic acrylic beads, or even cadaver tissues for injection into the penis.

The UroFill™ procedure uses FDA cleared and approved dermal hyaluronic acid fillers that produce safe and consistent results in other parts of the body. Further, the UroFill™ procedure is the only penile girth enhancement procedure to win awards for Best Male Enhancement by The Aesthetics Show; Las Vegas in 2016 and Best Aesthetic Result in Male Cosmetic Genital Surgery from the International Society of Cosmetogynecology; Miami, FL in both 2016 and 2018.

Amazing Results
There are several clinics in the US which have been approved by Dr. Perito to perform the UroFill™ procedure, but if you are in Miami, you can have the procedure performed by Dr. Perito himself. We are happy to confirm whether a provider in your area has been trained and approved to offer the patented UroFill™ procedure. It is important to ask these questions because many claim to offer the procedure without the proper training and technique which often does not result in the aesthetic and lasting results found with UroFill™.

Treatment By The Inventor
There are many clinics in the country which are approved by Dr. Perito to perform the UroFill™ procedure. But if you are in Miami, you can get the procedure from Dr. Perito himself.

Lasting Gains
The research and study of UroFill™ began in 2013 and has shown safe and effective longevity of 6 years or more in many patients. The unique approach developed by Dr. Perito allows for touch-ups at any time. Touch-ups require less material than the initial treatment. Follow-up studies regarding the UroFill™ technique are consistent: 90% retention of filler at 12 to 14 months.

“Truly we have patients ten years out with all of the HA in their phallus.”

Frequently Asked Questions About UroFill™

How does the UroFill™ Treatment Work?

The treatment involves a patented and proven procedure for injecting a propriety hyaluronic acid filler into key areas of the penis. The approach makes use of a technique that was designed to complement the internal structures of the penis such that the results are smooth and natural.

The procedure involves numbing the penis with anesthetic and then a medical professional performs a series of 4 to 6 injections of filler per session. The entire process takes about 15 minutes on average and you can return to work immediately after.

The penis will be wrapped in a compression bandage for 72 hours during which, there should be no sexual activity or masturbation.

Can UroFill™ Lengthen My Penis?

No. Although some of the before and after photos you may find for UroFill™ look like the penis is longer, what you’re really seeing is the filler preventing the penis from shrinking as much in its flaccid state. So from a “look bigger in the gym” standpoint or to impress someone visually, UroFill can give the IMPRESSION of a longer penis. But the reality is that in an erect state, the length will be the same.

Can UroFill™ be used to make the head of the penis larger?

Yes. However, due to the the vascularity of that part of the penis, the filler will likely only last about 3-4 months in that area. By contrast, UroFill™ can last years in the shaft.

How much bigger can I get with UroFill™?

You can expect in increase to your girth of 1 to 1.5 inches each session depending on your starting size and how many units you receive.

An average patient receives 18-24 syringes over 3-6 sessions for 1.5 inch average girth gains flaccid and .75 to 1 inch girth gains erect.

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