All About UroFill™ #18: Do I Need to Travel for Treatment?

One question we receive frequently about the UroFill™ treatment is whether or not the procedure can be performed over the course of a single session. The answer depends on the patient, the desired girth, and the nearest provider. We at the Perito Clinic have found that most patients prefer 20 units of hyaluronic acid filler, which typically requires between 3 and 4 visits. Why should you travel for the procedure?

UroFill™ trained providers are experts in their fields and highly qualified — the costs of going to an unqualified beautician or aesthetic provider with substandard training and materials can cost you significantly more in the long run, to say nothing of the negative health effects associated. If you’re looking to add girth, go to the professionals! For more information, call (833) 876-3455 or visit today! #hyaluronicacid #girth #urofill