All About UroFill #14: Circumcision and Penile Girth Enhancement

Circumcision and girth enhancment

In this video, UroFill™ inventor Dr. Paul Perito answers a viewer question about whether or not it’s possible for someone uncircumcised to undergo girth enhancement. While the procedure itself can be more challenging for a less experienced provider, it is possible–with a few caveats. For more information, call 305.444.2920 or contact us today!

All About UroFill #13: Botched Results from Unskilled Providers and Unsafe Fillers

Botched Girth Enhancement

In this episode, Dr. Paul Perito describes what happens when patients visited untrained or non-medical professionals for penile girth enhancement. The outcomes are not for the squeamish ; Dr. Perito has treated several patients who visited shady or unqualified practices and were treated with unsafe fillers. From incorrectly placed fillers, near loss of glans, proprietary … Read more

All About UroFill™ #4: What About Length?

Patients of world-renowned urologist and UroFill™ technique inventor Dr. Paul Perito often ask about the options for length enhancement. While there are a few surgical options, the simple fact is that devices claiming to assist in length don’t work and are physically uncomfortable to try.

All About UroFill™ #3: Why Hyaluronic Acid?

UroFill™ inventor Dr. Paul Perito describes why hyaluronic acid (HA) is the preferred dermal filler for penile girth enhancement. While other fillers, such as paraffin, bone cement and silicone have had multiple and typically horrific side effects, HA is hydrophilic, compressive, and most importantly, safe — 5% of the skin on your body is composed … Read more

All About UroFill™ #1: Introduction

Dr. Paul Perito, the inventor of the UroFill penile girth enhancement technique, introduces a series of short videos explaining what it is, and answering frequently asked questions. Click here to find out more.

Who is a Candidate for UroFill™?

Who is a candidate for UroFill?

While most men fall within a general range for penile length and girth, 50% of them feel as if they’re too small. This is called penile anxiety disorder. While not a form of dysmorphia, there is a safe, reliable, non-surgical method of enhancing penile girth.