What Makes UroFill™ Unique?

UroFill imitators

In this video, UroFill™ founder and developer Dr. Paul Perito explains what sets his technique apart from other girth enhancement methods. UroFill™ is the only reproducible technique for penile girth enhancement, and the only available technique that allows customers to tailor the appearance and girth of their penises to their specifications. But don’t take our … Read more

Beware of Penile Girth Enhancement Imitators!

UroFill imitators

In the midst of UroFill’s™ worldwide success, we’ve started to see a variety of imitation brands, often with the word “fill” in their name, try to promise the same results for low prices.  What’s the difference? Quality, expert care, safety and results to name a few. UroFill™ may be imitated, but it’s never duplicated. Contact … Read more

All About UroFill™ 19: What’s the Difference Between HA Fillers?

In this short, UroFill™ inventor Dr. Paul Perito answers viewer questions about different types of fillers (HA and otherwise) and the possibility of side effects or rejection. In the development of the UroFill™ technique, Dr. Perito examined several options for fillers and consistently found that HA (hyaluronic acid) was the only safe and effective option. … Read more

All About UroFill™ #18: Do I Need to Travel for Treatment?

One question we receive frequently about the UroFill™ treatment is whether or not the procedure can be performed over the course of a single session. The answer depends on the patient, the desired girth, and the nearest provider. We at the Perito Clinic have found that most patients prefer 20 units of hyaluronic acid filler, … Read more

MTP #70: Peyronie’s and the UroFill™ Technique

Peyronie’s Disease can be devastating for patients, leaving many with deformities rendering the penis unrecognizable. As the existing medications to treat it have questionable efficacy, surgery is often the best outcome. For patients who have undergone treatment early, it’s possible to fill in penile defects with the UroFill™ technique. If patients are over 50 or … Read more

All About UroFill™ #16: Can the Glans Be Enhanced?

UroFill 16

UroFill™ inventor Dr. Paul Perito is commonly asked if the glans (the head of the penis) can be enhanced in the same way as the shaft can. In short, the glans is a hypervascular area and any injections are either temporary or unsafe/unhealthy. For more information about #girthenhancement or to schedule a UroFill™ consultation, contact … Read more

All About UroFill #15: How Do Partners Benefit from Girth Enhancement?

UroFill 15

In this UroFill™ short, Dr. Paul Perito discusses how partners benefit from the girth enhancement process. In Dr. Perito’s experience at least 50% are happy if not thrilled with the results and will often express their own preferences as to how the filler sculpts the shape of the penis. We’re working on compiling more data, … Read more

All About UroFill #14: Circumcision and Penile Girth Enhancement

Circumcision and girth enhancment

In this video, UroFill™ inventor Dr. Paul Perito answers a viewer question about whether or not it’s possible for someone uncircumcised to undergo girth enhancement. While the procedure itself can be more challenging for a less experienced provider, it is possible–with a few caveats. For more information, call 305.444.2920 or contact us today!

All About UroFill #13: Botched Results from Unskilled Providers and Unsafe Fillers

Botched Girth Enhancement

In this episode, Dr. Paul Perito describes what happens when patients visited untrained or non-medical professionals for penile girth enhancement. The outcomes are not for the squeamish ; Dr. Perito has treated several patients who visited shady or unqualified practices and were treated with unsafe fillers. From incorrectly placed fillers, near loss of glans, proprietary … Read more