All About UroFill #14: Circumcision and Penile Girth Enhancement

Circumcision and girth enhancment

In this video, UroFill™ inventor Dr. Paul Perito answers a viewer question about whether or not it’s possible for someone uncircumcised to undergo girth enhancement. While the procedure itself can be more challenging for a less experienced provider, it is possible–with a few caveats. For more information, call 305.444.2920 or contact us today!

All About UroFill #13: Botched Results from Unskilled Providers and Unsafe Fillers

Botched Girth Enhancement

In this episode, Dr. Paul Perito describes what happens when patients visited untrained or non-medical professionals for penile girth enhancement. The outcomes are not for the squeamish ; Dr. Perito has treated several patients who visited shady or unqualified practices and were treated with unsafe fillers. From incorrectly placed fillers, near loss of glans, proprietary … Read more

All About UroFill™ #9: What Can I Expect From the UroFill™ Experience?

What to Expect from UroFill™

UroFill™ inventor Dr. Paul Perito explains the process of the patented penile girth enhancement process. Rather than a “one and done” procedure, Dr. Perito suggests that patients view it as a full process of building, enhancing and finally, sculpting until each patient has the girth and appearance that’s right for them. Ready to schedule your … Read more

All About UroFill™ #8: What Sets UroFill™ Apart From Other Girth Enhancement Techniques?

What Sets UroFill Apart?

UroFill™ has over eight years’ worth of data backing up its safety and efficacy, and has been developed by one of the world’s leading urologists. It’s also one of the few (if only) self-prescribed techniques, where the patient (and their partner) are able to describe the exact results they’re looking for. For more information about … Read more