MTP #70: Peyronie’s and the UroFill™ Technique

Peyronie’s Disease can be devastating for patients, leaving many with deformities rendering the penis unrecognizable. As the existing medications to treat it have questionable efficacy, surgery is often the best outcome. For patients who have undergone treatment early, it’s possible to fill in penile defects with the UroFill™ technique. If patients are over 50 or … Read more

All About UroFill™ #9: What Can I Expect From the UroFill™ Experience?

What to Expect from UroFill™

UroFill™ inventor Dr. Paul Perito explains the process of the patented penile girth enhancement process. Rather than a “one and done” procedure, Dr. Perito suggests that patients view it as a full process of building, enhancing and finally, sculpting until each patient has the girth and appearance that’s right for them. Ready to schedule your … Read more